Engineer and IT Professional


10420 South Street

Technology that works

Working as an engineer and information technology professional for over 30 years I have supported many customers and employers by designing, building, deploying and administering systems that help companies achieve their business goals. Over the years I have become a bit of a technology skeptic in that I expect software and hardware to improve the quality of life for the end user. Technology that does not help us achieve a goal or provide us with a meaningful experience is just a toy. If you need technical assistance acheiving your business goals call me and maybe I can help.

Mobile office

Part of my job has been to set up mobile connectivity for company employees. Administering virtual private networks and building corporate intranet sites has enabled many of my customers the ability to work from the road. Deploying cloud based systems has created new opportunities for increased flexibility and mobility. Now it's my turn to go mobile. Are you ready to hit the road?